What is a Test Data Generation Tool?

Testing a data-aware application is one of the most important but time-consuming tasks. It is important to test your application with "real" data. To fill your database with test data, you need a generator. The generators will generate realistic data for you based on the column characteristics and/or based on what the user defines.

List of Test Data Generation Tools

Below you find the list of database test data generation tools. Only serious tools are mentioned here.

Product Vendor Kind of tool Databases
DTM Data Generator SQLEdit Automatically fills a database with test data. SQL Server, DB2, Oracle.
GS Data Generator GSApps Generates meaningful data for your database. SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MS Access.
Advanced Data Generator Upscene Productions It can generate real-life-like data into your database, SQL script or CSV files. InterBase, Firebird, MySQL.
SQL Data Generator Red-Gate Create realistic data based on column and table names. MS SQL Server
EMS Data Generator EMS This utility can help you simulating the database production environment and allows you to populate several database tables with test data. Multiple editions, one for each supported database. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Firebird.
Datanamic Data Generator MultiDB Datanamic Solutions BV Generates meaningful, realistic test data based on column characteristics. MultiDB edition supports data generation for 5 database types. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and PostgreSQL.
IBM DB2 Test Database Generator IBM Creates realistic test data for your database application development projects. Only for DB2. DB2
E-Naxos DataGen E-Naxos Mainly focused on generating random data. A free online version is available also. Exports insert scripts for your database.