What are Database Compare Tools?

A database compare tool is a tool that identifies and synchronize data and/or database object changes between two databases.

A database object compare tool provides an easy way for developers and DBAs to compare databases schemas and propagate schema changes from one environment to another.

A database data compare tool allows you to compare and synchronize data in tables across servers and databases

Most vendors/tools support comparison of data and database objects. Sometimes combined in one tool.

List of Database Compare Tools

Below you find the list of database compare and synchronzation tools. Only serious tools are mentioned here.

For MS SQL Server developers there is also a list on wikipedia: Microsoft SQL Server Compare Tools.

Explanation of the price columns in the table below:

  • * means up to $100
  • ** means from $100 up to $400
  • *** means more than $400

Product Vendor Kind of tool Databases Price
DataWeigher DBWeigher Compare and synchronize data of MS Access databases. MS Access *
DBWeigher DBWeigher Compare MS Access databases' schemas and synchronize them. MS Access *
UDB Workbench MingSoftware Synchronize structure/schema (no data) of IBM DB2 databases. DB2 *
EMS Data Comparer EMS Compares data only. Different editions for each database type. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL. **
EMS DB Comparer EMS Compare and synchronize the database schemas. Different editions for each database type. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL. **
DB Ghost Change Manager Innovartis Comparison of data and schemas in one tool MS SQL Server **
SQL Compare RedGate Compare database objects. MS SQL Server **
SQL Data Compare RedGate Compare and synchronize data. MS SQL Server **
Datanamic DataDiff MultiDB Datanamic Compare database data. One of the tools with support for multiple databases. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL. **
Datanamic SchemaDiff MultiDB Datanamic Compare database objects. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL. **
Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB Datanamic Compare and synchronize data across different databases (e.g. compare a sql server database to a ms access database etc). Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL. **
Nob Hill Database Compare Nob Hill Software Database compare and migrate tool (data and structure). MS SQL Server, MySQL **
SQL Examiner Suite SQL Accessories Includes two tools. One for data comparison and one for schema comparison. Supports cross-platform data migration like Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access. **
SQLDelta for MS SQL/Oracle SQLDelta Compare data and schema. Two editions available: one for MS SQL Server and one for Oracle. MS SQL Server, Oracle **
Embarcadero DB Change Manager Embarcadero Comparison of data and schemas. Has auditing capabilities also. Multiple databases are supported. Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Firebird, Sybase. ***
SQL comparison toolset Idera Object and data comparison. MS SQL Server ***