About Database Backup Tools?

In the Information Age, we cant go a day without needing to use a computer. As a result, a lot of important information is stored in databases. Computers and databases are prone to failure as much as any other type of electronics. And when they do, the results can be catastrophic.

Whether you are a small business or a large business, backing up your database is an important exercise. The smallest thing could bring everything crashing to the ground, so you have to be prepared in case something happens. If your database stays safe, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you would be prepared in the event of a database collapse.

Database backup tools are the tools that make it easy for your to backup your database data. You can schedule backups and do incremental or full backups. All database backup tools support that functionality.

List of Database Backup Tools

Below you find the list of database backup tools. Only serious tools are mentioned here.

Product Vendor Kind of tool Databases
LiteSpeed for SQL Server Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server reduces your storage footprint by as much as 85 percent more than other compressed, full backup solutions. MS SQL Server
NetApp Storage Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server Netapp High-availability storage for your SQL data with integrated data management software and comprehensive support services help you protect your MS SQL Server environment. MS SQL Server
HandyBackup for MS SQL Novosoft Backup solution offering more than only database backup. MS SQL Server
SQL Backup Pro Red-Gate Compresses, strengthens and encrypts SQL Server backups. MS SQL Server
Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Zmanda Schedule full and incremental backups of your MySQL database. MySQL
Percona XtraBackup Percona Open-source MySQL backup software that performs non-blocking backups for InnoDB and XtraDB databases. MySQL
SQL safe backup Idera SQL Server backup compression with network fault tolerance and zero impact encryption. MS SQL Server
Auto Backup for MySQL SwordSky Scheduled back ups and restores of your remote and local MySQL databases. MySQL